I help women struggling with PMS and period issues to regain their energy and balance their hormones naturally, without the pill.

    Audrey Gerber

    I help women struggling with PMS to lose weight, regain their energy, and balance their hormones naturally, without the pill.

    Audrey Gerber

    Areas of Expertise

    • Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach
    • Graduate of the Health Professional Academy


    Audrey Gerber helps women overcome their PMS symptoms naturally. After about 6 years of being on the pill and struggling with hormonal imbalances, she successfully found her way to a healthy period, and was able to create the life she wanted. She is passionate about helping other women discover the joys of their femininity and living a radiant life. Born in Switzerland, she now lives in the friendly province of Quebec, Canada. She loves to travel and discover new things.

    My Story

    It doesn’t have to be like this!


    When I was 13 years old, I had such intense cramping, bleeding, and low energy that the only solution that I was given was to be put on the pill. Although I do remember the doctor mentioning that ideally I would only stay on it for 7-10 years. Six years later as a young adult, I was exhausted, depressed, and I'd started to gain weight. I started to withdraw socially because it just took so much of my energy. I felt ashamed of being tired, because I was young and supposed to be full of energy (and that's what everyone kept saying). I felt like I was losing my good years. I started to learn about some of the adverse side effects of the pill as I was heading into my seventh year on it. I realized some of them were actually quite serious and I started to worry that staying on the pill would mess with my fertility, so I immediately got off of it.


    But my PMS symptoms came back even more persistently - mood swings, excess stress, food cravings, weight gain, bloating, acne, insomnia - you know the drill. I would take pain killers and try to exercise a bit more to feel better in my body, with little effect. I thought that if I wanted to preserve my fertility, I would just have to suffer in silence for the rest of my life. I thought: I guess all the girls have to deal with this, and some have it worse than me, so why complain? But one day, I couldn't take it anymore. It was seriously disrupting my life. This was not going away on it's own and despite exercising more, my weight continued to increase and I was still exhausted! I realized that PMS and all the symptoms I was experiencing wasn’t normal and was actually a signal that something was off with my hormones! By looking at my biology and aligning my lifestyle to it, I could enjoy greater health and a problem-free period. All those years of suffering - it didn’t have to be like that!


    When I finally addressed my hormonal imbalance, it was like night and day for me! I tuned into my natural cycle. I naturally detoxed endocrine disruptors. I made nutritious and other lifestyle choices that supported a natural healthy cycle. I felt so much better! No more fatigue, cramps, and annoying headaches! I felt alive and energized during the whole month, and was able to live the life that brought me joy. I lost weight easily and I was able to maintain my ideal weight without effort. I was healthy and happy. I had finally freed myself from my PMS and from all the ways it held me back.


    Any of this sound familiar? If you are like me, looking for a way out of your PMS for good, know that you’re in the right place. You don’t have to suffer like this!


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    Mylene, Canada

    It was about time that our paths crossed. The biggest change was my ability to handle my thoughts and my anxiety. Audrey had a huge positive impact on my sleep and anxiety. At no point did I feel judged. And she always had the right words to motivate me… or to make me cry. She helped me to get rid of a heavy load on my shoulders, and gave me tools to handle my future. A little angel from the sky… I could never thank Audrey enough for taking care of me the way she did.


    Yohanna, Japan

    Since working with Audrey I've noticed less rashes both on my back and chest and I am getting close to my ideal body shape. I became much more aware of my body condition to keep it healthy. Also, she helped me to find out a big part of my health issue, which was stress. She taught me how to handle and think about stress. I could not achieve goals without her instructions and help. Since she encouraged and motivated me a lot, I could achieve my goals! I highly recommend taking Audrey's coaching program to improve and enjoy your life!!!

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